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Features at a glance
Operating System Choice of Operating System
Operating System Web, FTP & DNS Server
Operating System Microsoft Mail Server
Operating System Unlimited Administrator Access
Operating System Install any applications
Operating System Unrestricted Bandwidth
Operating System Secure Private Gigabit LAN
Operating System Host unlimited domains / websites
Operating System Your own IP range
Operating System Remote Power Control
Operating System Daily Security Updates
Operating System 24 Hour Telephone Support
Operating System Redundant Hard Disks
Operating System Additional IP numbers
Operating System Tape Backup
Operating System Dedicated Hardware Firewall

Dedicated server features

These features are included as standard with every dedicated server.

Standard Dedicated Server Features
Operating System
  Choose an operating system that suits your needs and budget: Fedora Linux Core 4, FreeBSD 6.0, RedHat Linux Enterprise Edition 4, Windows Server 2003 Web Edition or Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition.
Web, FTP & DNS Server
  Web, FTP and DNS server software is included with all operating system options.
Microsoft Mail Server (Windows only)
  Windows Server 2003 includes both POP3 and SMTP services, which retrieve and transfer email. To provide email services to your users, such as sending and receiving e-mail, you can create unlimited mailboxes on the server.
Unlimited Administrator Access
  You will have unrestricted and unlimited Administrator access to your dedicated server using Microsoft Terminal Services.
Install any applications
  As the Administrator, you can install any licensed software on your dedicated server.
Host unlimited websites
  You can host unlimited websites on your dedicated server.
Your own IP range
  Each dedicated server includes 8 IP numbers. Three of these will be used as part of your secure private LAN which leaves 5 available for use. Just one IP number can be used to host unlimited websites but additional IP numbers are useful for assigning to secure (SSL) certificates.
Daily Security Updates (Windows only)
  Each day your server will automatically check to see if any security patches have been released by Microsoft - and if required it will install them.
Remote Power Control
  Should you ever get locked out, you can remotely reboot your dedicated server at any time of the day or night via a web interface to your server's power supply.
24 Hour Telephone Support
  If there is a problem with your server, the best support in the industry is just a phone call away - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
100% Uptime Guarantee has invested in the very best network equipment, redundant backup systems and experienced network engineers to ensure that our network is up for 100% of the time. In the unlikely event of network downtime occurring, we will credit your account with the value of one day's service for every one hour your server is without connectivity.
Optional extras
Redundant Hard Disks
  The Dell PowerEdge 1850 can be ordered with two identical hard disks and a RAID controller to mirror your data across two disks.
Additional IP numbers
  Upto 32 IP numbers can be assigned to your server. If you have a unique requirement that requires more than 32 numbers, please contact us.
Tape Backup


Your dedicated server can be backed up to our advanced tape libraries every day, week or month, allowing easy restoration in the event of data loss or corruption.
Dedicated Hardware Firewall
  A dedicated hardware firewall provides the same security and benefits of a shared hardware firewall but it exclusively protects your server(s) and allows you to create custom firewall rules and VPN connections.


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