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Many companies and individuals find domain registration a minefield and may make the wrong decision with regard to registering their domain name under the correct extension. However, help is at hand. With, more and more people are discovering that domain names provide greater value, more features, are easier to manage and are backed by a readily available, knowledgeable support team.

If you need a web site, why not take a look at's cost effective and scaleable web hosting packages.

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Included with your new domain
Free e-mail forwarding FREE e-Mail Forwarding
Easily create up to 5 email addresses using your domain name: sales@your, info@your and have them forwarded to an existing mailbox.
Free Domain Forwarding FREE Domain/URL Forwarding
Redirect traffic from multiple domain names to your site or replace long confusing domain names with domain name forwarding. (i.e.,, can all forward or point to
Free Register Lock FREE Registrar Lock
Avoid any transfer mistakes and the loss of your domain. If a domain name has "registrar lock" turned on, transfers will not be able to be processed until this lock is turned off.
Free control panel to manage your domain name FREE easy to use control panel
Easy and powerful control panel allows you to manage all you domain names from one central place.


Choosing your new domain name

Choose your new domain name There are many different domain extensions available. If you are a business, we recommend a .com and suffix. .com is one of the first extensions that most people try when searching for a site. Also, since it is one of the oldest extensions .com shows that your business has been around for a while and has a well established presence on the web. The domain name brings recognition that you or your company is based in the UK.

Domain Name searching Tips and Tricks

Domain Names searching Tips and Tricks Sometimes a good domain name for your website is to choose a domain name that matches the name of your website. As an example, a website uses the business name it represents as its name and the matching domain name is "". This helps to identify the business on the Internet. A very well known real life example is the website of Microsoft, which can be found at

a The use of keywords in domain names can be important. Some search engines identify the keywords and deliver the matching website as a search result to people doing a search for this keyword. Using keywords in domain names can often have significant impact on how well a website is ranked in the search results. However - keyword stuffing in domain names can also be a bad thing. People will have difficulties remembering those names and it does not look as professional. If you are serious about your domain name avoid domain names like "" or something like that. You will get the idea. How long or short should a domain name be? The shorter a domain name the easier it is to remember. A short domain name also looks more professional (some exceptions may apply though). The perfect domain name has 14 characters or less. However - it is not always possible to follow this rule. If you need to work with more than 14 characters, 22 characters should be your upper limit. Do not go with longer domain names to avoid problems.

b Should a domain name include hyphens? Hyphens in general are not a bad thing but you might lose visitors to the same domain name without hyphens. Using a hyphenated domain name makes verbal advertising more difficult since the speaker has to ensure that people understand the hyphen (dash) in the domain name. For search engine optimisation, however, a hyphen does not matter and the domain name will show up at the same position whether or not it contains a hyphen. If you decide to purchase a hyphenated domain name it is recommended to purchase the non-hyphenated version as well.

d The domain name extension or TLD (Top Level Domain) also plays an important role. .com domain names will always be the best choice. This does not mean that your website will not be successful if you decide to select a different TLD like or .org.

e Protect your web site from identity thieves by registering all domain name extensions and similar spelt names.

How to search for your domain name

To search for a domain name, simply enter your company name in the search form below i.e. providerone and select your desired domain name extension i.e. The domain name search system will show you if the domain name is available and any possible extension alternatives.

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