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Managed Backup

As part of our business continuity and disaster recovery solutions at, we offer an extensive range of data backup and data storage services suitable for businesses from all industries and of all sizes.

Events like disk crashes, viruses, and natural and human disasters can take businesses permanently offline. These problems can lead to loss of customers and revenue. Yet, due to lack of capital budget, resources, or technical expertise, most companies gamble their business on their inadequate data backup and restore solutions to get them back in business.

  • Do you backup your data daily?
  • Are you absolutely certain you can recover & restore critical information quickly?
  • Is your data being stored securely off site?
  • Is your business protected against natural or human disaster?
  • Is your data protection completely automated? Backup is a fully automated data backup and restore facility that ensures your business critical data is copied to tape on a daily basis. This is then stored within a tape library to ensure your business data is kept in secure location, available if you should need it. Should the unthinkable happen TeleCity ensures restoration commences within minutes of initial downtime. allows you to request backup on demand and simply charges you for the data we protect. This saves investing in the space, equipment and skills required to manage your own data backup solution.

Customers can connect to the backup service remotely - either by use of a VPN or via a dedicated VLAN from one of's chosen carrier partners - or directly within the data centre if servers are already hosted there. The data can include file systems, databases and Microsoft Exchange folders.

Customer Benefits

  • Guaranteed and automatic backup of business critical data
  • 100% data recovery SLA
  • Protection against site failure through off site vault service
  • Simple “pay-as-you go” pricing
  • Fast data recovery – minutes not hours to start restore process
  • No investment in backup hardware, software and licences
  • No expert software skills required
  • 24x7 monitoring and management of backup job status via comprehensive management portal
  • Minimised operating costs

The infrastructure comprises redundant backup servers, a high performance tape library and multiple tape drives. The backup servers centrally manage all the backup schedules and restore requests. The infrastructure is managed and monitored on a 24x7 basis. In the event of failure the primary backup server will fail-over to a secondary sever, ensuring backups remain unaffected.

Backup software is installed on each of the customer's servers to be backed up. This software securely communicates with the backup servers to manage the selection of files and backup schedule. also offers a range of wider storage options. Please contact us for more details.

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